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Farbe:Das gleiche wie erste Bild Farb Hilfe

Wenn Sie die Farbe der Gürtel, Riemen und dreidimensionale Blumen des Kleides ändern möchten, lassen Sie uns eine Massage bitte, wenn Sie die Bestellung aufgeben.

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Elegant und kultiviert blendet verschönerte schnurgebundenes Spitze während dieses trägerlos, Trompete-Kleid. Das ausgestattete Korsett erstellt beeindruckende Form, während Whisping Schichten der gekräuselte Organza fällt der Zug. Erhältlich in den Größen 2-32.


Bonny Hochzeitssuite Essenz Collection Hochzeitskleid 8400

Bonny Hochzeitssuite Essenz Collection Hochzeitskleid 8400



Five Stars

Love it!!!! Perfect size for my height


It's a beautiful dress made with quality material

It's a beautiful dress made with quality material. The only thing is that it's a little longer than I expected. That's no big deal will have it fixed to the length I want


The dress fit great and looked very nice

The shipment was fast. I received it just in time for the luau party! The dress fit great and looked very nice. Thank you


Five Stars



Great for maturnity

This does run small so I ordered a medium and just ordered the tan one in large because I am pregnant. These make for wonderful maturnity shirts. I do not wear as a dress, but as a long shirt. Can't beat the price either.


This dress is amazing!! The fit is perfect

This dress is amazing!! The fit is perfect. I'm a size 18W and 5 feet 7 inches tall. The dress comes right to the bottom of the knee, perfect for twirling! It flows beautifully on my body. The material is fabulous with just the right amount of texture. It is made quite well. There were a few threads that were poking out from the seams but that isn't anything a quick snip can't solve. I received so many great compliments so I thought I'd write a review. I would recommend this to anyone. I have a friend who's a size 10 and 2 inches taller; she looks adorable. I think any body type would look great in this dress. l feel like a million bucks wearing it!!


Love the material

Love the material !!!!! I'm 4'11 and I bought a small. I was worried about the length but its perfect


Five Stars

Good quality!


Five Stars

Wife was happy.


Five Stars

Love it!!!


and it looks great.

I bought this for my daughter. She loves it. She wears a woman's small, about size 5, and it looks great.


I love this dress

I love this dress. To my surprised, it's light and comfortable. And it fits me great and even the length is fine. Very slimming, cool and soft. It is as described. The design is fashion and flattering.


Very beautiful dress everyone at the company party liked it I ..

Very beautiful dress everyone at the company party liked it I recommend Dreagal to all the ladies at work :)


Five Stars

Exactly what I was looking for


The material is lightweight and flows easily. In my opinion the

Exactly what I was looking for - inexpensive vibrant blue dress. The material is lightweight and flows easily. In my opinion the dress is casual because of the fabric so do not expect to get a thick, ridged fabric for a very formal event. Construction is nice and all the seams were finished. Arrived clean and quick.I rated that it fit a bit large because I had read all the reviews and even measured myself against the manufacturers chart (the second photo in the color dress I was ordering and not the link specialgown.com provides for sizing). I'm normally a medium and the chart said my measurements fit a medium but the reviews said to order a size up. The large had free shipping and returns while the medium only had free shipping and not returns. I opted for the large but I wish I would have stayed with the chart. The waist area is too big but there is a belt and with that cinched you can't tell. The extra fabric just adds to the volume of the skirt area so I will keep it as is. My best guess is that the manufacturer has responded to complaints of the sizes running too small or people have not been measuring themselves wrong and/or choosing the correct corresponding size. Most of the dresses shown fit in the bust and waist area and not in the hip and shoulder area so ignore those. You should then measure yourself (look up how to measure your bust and waist if you aren't sure) and then pick the size off the largest measurement (if you are a 32" bust and a 24"waist then buy the dress size that corresponds to a 32" bust). This is a very tailored cut so if you are large chested and small around the middle you may really need to rely on the belt or have it altered. For the price it could be worth it. If you are looking at one of the dresses with sleeves you will need to take your shoulder width into account.


Five Stars

Adorable- but definitely made for someone with a tiny body


Five Stars

Thank You

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