#301 Style like (Bonny Classic 323 Tüll Ballkleid Hochzeitskleid)


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Farbe:Das gleiche wie erste Bild Farb Hilfe

Wenn Sie die Farbe der Gürtel, Riemen und dreidimensionale Blumen des Kleides ändern möchten, lassen Sie uns eine Massage bitte, wenn Sie die Bestellung aufgeben.

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Maßgeschneiderte GrößeEs ist kostenlos US 2
EU 32
UK 6
US 4
EU 34
UK 8
US 6
EU 36
UK 10
US 8
EU 38
UK 12
US 10
EU 40
UK 14
US 12
EU 42
UK 16
US 14
EU 44
UK 18
US 16
EU 46
UK 20
US 14W
EU 44
UK 18
US 16W
EU 46
UK 20
US 18W
EU 48
UK 22
US 20W
EU 50
UK 24
US 22W
EU 52
UK 26
US 24W
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UK 30

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Schöne Perlen Spitze Motive Wind ihren Weg nach unten vorne dieses lace asymmetrisch geraffte Mieder mit Sweetheart-Ausschnitt und Korsett zurück Verschluss.Der Ball-Kleid-Rock ist fertig mit zart überbackene Spitze dieser Schürzen auf der Seite hinzufügen das rollende Drama der Saum Rosshaar getrimmt. Erhältlich in den Größen 2-32.


Bonny Classic 323 Tüll Ballkleid Hochzeitskleid

Bonny Classic 323 Tüll Ballkleid Hochzeitskleid



Five Stars



its very inexpensive but the quality is really great! It came in

I was very pleasantly surprised when i got this dress! its very inexpensive but the quality is really great! It came in a super neat packaging and when i opened it, the fabric felt super soft. I thought this dress would be more on the thicker side and would be too warm for the summer dress, but the fabric is not too thick at all (not think either, just perfect). Most importantly, this is probably one of the most comfortable dresses i have ever had! It feels very nice on the skin, the fabric is breathable and stretchy, so it would look flattering on any body type.Great dress, super versatile - could be worn casually and out as well with heels as a dressy outfit. This is my favorite type of dresses - comfortably, super simple, but classy and elegant.


Beautiful dress. Great quality. Fits nicely!

Love it. I received lots of compliments on it.


Five Stars

I am happy with my purchase!


This is a Green light.....

This is a Lovely Dress....I am in disbelief...I can not wait to wear it...


Exactly as promised!

I'm always skeptical when buying clothes online but this didn't disappoint. I wear a US dress size 4 (5'7", 130#) so I ordered the XS and it fit perfectly! The sleeves are a little itchy but that's to be expected with a sequined dress and after wearing it for 5 minutes, I barely noticed. The color is more of a taupe than gold but the picture is very close to what it looks like in person. I'm very pleased with this purchase and it arrived 3 weeks early, which gives me plenty of time to find shoes!!!!! I ordered this for a NYE celebration and I can't wait to wear it!



This dress fit perfectly right out of the package. The material is good quality and I'm very impressed for such a great price.


Just perfect!

I must say that I was skeptical at first ordering this dress because 1. I do not know much about the bamboo fiber knit 2. I was afraid it might be too short for my age 3. I was afraid it might look more like a maternity dress than anything else. But to my delight, I was incorrect on all accounts. This dress is one of the most comfortable and flowing short tee shirt dresses that I ever owned, and I own several. I wore it after washing, as instructed, on a warm day while I hosted a bridal shower. I was so nervous about perspiring all over, which is common for me whenever I wear fabric besides cotton. I was so happy and comfortable when the entire busy day went by, and not once did I feel uncomfortable or too warm. The color is as shown, a beautiful jewel tone blue. The fabric washed well and I did need to iron it very lightly because I did not remove it from dryer immediately, which I would suggest doing. I intend to get a lot of wear from this dress! I've posted photos of the length, side view, and it could easily be worn with or without a belt, dressed up, or casual.


Five Stars

It looks nice, and it fit perfectly


Really cute, fits well.

I'm 5'8" 125lbs, ordered the medium and it fit well. It was a little short for me, but most dresses are on me. I'm sure if you were 5'7" or below this would fit perfect!


Want to feel beautiful, powerful and sexy? Get this dress!

I'm 5'10" , got L and it fits perfectly. Perfect length, exactly what I was looking for. I can't believe how many compliments I received wearing this. If only they wouldn't question me wearing it to the grocery store, or wearing it to the library, or to the post office on any regular day. :-)


the size probably isnt the issue

Okay so it is probably just a teeny bit small on me because i'm generally aq big girl. i got the 3X bc that is the highest size they have. the zipper goes up about halfway or more-and the clip up top clips pretty easily, but i'm still going to be sewing some tulle or lace into it as a just-in-case measure for the dance i'm going to!the dress is beautiful though and the colors are pretty true to the picture! Just as a note:the ribbon comes like as a big untied ribbon, just so you know!have a wonderful day!


Can't beat this dress for the price!

I love this dress, it's very flattering to my figure, shows off the bust and kind of hides any imperfections in the waist. The fabric is sexy too! I'm very happy! I'm 5'6", 123 lbs., 36D bust, 27 inch waist, and I ordered the UK size 16 (US size 12). I did order a size up as suggested by other reviews.


Sexy Full Wrap Dress

I purchased this coral full wrap dress because I wanted to wow my boyfriend. He loved it and it fit perfectly. Awesome dress ladies and very sexy and elegant.


but she looks amazing in this

loves it !!!! She felt sexy in this and thats all that matters cause I agree with her. She is 5'10'' 160. mostly muscle but her size make it akward for her. but she looks amazing in this. Hope this helps.


Cute design - small for even European

Cute design - small for even European sizes



I is pretty, I have received comments about it.

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