#346 Style like (Bonny Bliss 2209 bescheiden a-Linie Spitze Brautkleid)


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Farbe:Das gleiche wie erste Bild Farb Hilfe

Wenn Sie die Farbe der Gürtel, Riemen und dreidimensionale Blumen des Kleides ändern möchten, lassen Sie uns eine Massage bitte, wenn Sie die Bestellung aufgeben.

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Nicht vorhanden im Speicher für Versuch auf. Sonderauftrag. Dieser bescheidene Hochzeit Kleidungsstil bietet eine einfache Passform und Flare Silhouette lassen die Hand Perlen Alencon Spitzen Leuchten. Die Spitze fällt aus den sauber Quadrat geschnittenen Ausschnitt unten eingerichteten Lace up Mieder über eine weiche gepunkteten net Overlay. Wellenschliff Bands der Spitze fließen entlang der Saum und die Illusion eines mehrschichtigen Rockes zu trainieren. Erhältlich in den Größen 2-32.


Bonny Bliss 2209 bescheiden a-Linie Spitze Brautkleid

Bonny Bliss 2209 bescheiden a-Linie Spitze Brautkleid



Love It!

It is adorable.


Five Stars

Really sexy


Five Stars

Nice for around the house also



It fit her really well and did the job for me. Its not the best material so be careful with it and don't get all physical.


Bright colors, and very fun. :)

Very cute, and very short. Perfect for layering. :)


I just got my beautiful.. I'm going to Wear it with the ...

I just got my beautiful ..I'm going to Wear it with the body shape I'm going to be perfect..


Absolutely loved the style

Absolutely loved the style, but had to return it for a larger size. I'm 5'4", 120 lbs and usually wear a size 6 or 8. I ordered this in the 8/10 and it was SKIN TIGHT. So I've sent it back and reordered the 12. Never thought I'd wear a 12 but who cares?? The dress is awesome!


Five Stars

The dress is amazing. Worked perfectly as a bridesmaid dress!


cant wait til my boyfriend sees me in this dress he's going to l

I ordered the pink in a small and it fits PERFECTLY. cant wait til my boyfriend sees me in this dress he's going to love it lol (im 5'4" 137lbs size 34b bra) id post a pic but dont know how


Five Stars

hot en sexy


One of my favorites!

One of my new favorite dresses. I love the dino pattern, and the colors are bright like in the picture. It's super comfy because the fabric is really soft and stretchy. The fit is ok—the narrowest part of the dress doesn't fall at the narrowest part of my waist (happens often because I'm very tall), but that's easily fixed by wearing the dress with a belt.


Five Stars

took too long to deliver other than that great product


Love the dress

My sister really really love this dress,it t is flattering, retro, and well made. I order this as a birthday present for her ,she loves it and get many complements.It is of high quality, fits perfectly to size, elegant, cute gorgeous.She looks really amazing on this dress,also the price is reasonable!!!Will order in other color for myself.


Five Stars

Sweet dress...very versatile.



Simple and perfect. I put this on and just feel cute. :) it's long enough I can raise my arms without anything showing and I'm 5'9". It also has long enough arms and is super soft. The coach lace is delicate and not scratchy. I will be wearing this a lot in my future!

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