#571 Style like (Jasmine Bridal F151015 Passform und Flare-Hochzeitskleid)


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Jasmine Bridal F151015 Passform und Flare-Hochzeitskleid

Jasmine Bridal F151015 Passform und Flare-Hochzeitskleid



Five Stars

Wow I really look pretty on this one


The quality is good and I love the fit

I bought this because I wanted a dress I could wear in the summer that wasn't ridiculously short. I'm 5'5" and this dress reaches just above my knees, which makes it appropriate for someone over 30 that is not keen on showing my legs around. The quality is good and I love the fit. Wish they had more patterns!


couldn't be happier.

My only complaint is that I have no complaints. It is perfect. The size was as described. Just the right amount of fullness. I love it 5


It's a fire started!

I got this for my wife who's over-weight but still possess her original sexy curves. It easily contours to the body to promote her feminine design. Plus, the fabric is comfortable. After viewing your lady in this, you'll have to do everything you can to keep hands off of her - and she knows ;0


Love it!

I was hoping the sizing was right. It fits perfectly and is beautiful. I got a size small and wear a 4 or 6. Fits like it was made for me. Love the colors.


Comfortable and adorable

This is an incredibly flattering and comfortable dress.


Five Stars

Fit perfectly--very cute!


Silver dress will light up the night. You decide if that's good

We bought the silver dress. Dress is a bit stretchy and will cling to curves. My wife thinks it's a little too bright and/or silver. She thought she looked a bit like an old-school robot wearing this dress. For that, I might have to take a star off. However, the dress fits great and I think she looks awesome in it. This is definitely a bedroom only dress - there is no way either of us would feel comfortable with her wearing this in public. If you're wondering about trying this out, I say give it a shot - the price is great.


comfy and gorgeous

Very comfortable and beautiful. I'm very short, 5'2", and the small feel right below my ankles. So if you are tall and small, expect a shorter dress.


Five Stars

Love this dress, very comfortable, looks great!!!


Love it!

The fit was perfect - the fabric is comfy - just an overall fabulous addition to summer! If there are any drawbacks, it would be the length (too long). I am 5'4" and am forced to wear heels with it - but not a big deal.


This dress is so super cute! It fits just right and feels so ...

This dress is so super cute! It fits just right and feels so comfortable when it is on. I am going to have so much fun wearing this dress!


Comfortable and Flattering

Really pretty dress with a flattering fit. Be aware that the Amaryllis color is darker in real life than in the picture. It's a bit more purply-magenta. Also, the stripes are much more prominent in real life than in the photo here. I assumed that the stripe was more a function of the material, i.e. ribbed but it's actually a pattern in the fabric. I'm usually a medium/size 8 but have, er... put on a few recently. I ordered both the medium and the large. The medium fit better and was very comfortable. The large would have worked too as the dress is quite stretchy but, if I were to lose a few pounds, it would look a bit saggy. You can forego a bra but the built-in cups are pretty small. I am a 36-D and am often spilling out of dresses like these. I would say this dress keeps everything adequately in place though, if you are larger busted than I, I would skip this dress.

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