#705 Style like (Mori Lee 2611 Perlen passen und Flare Hochzeitskleid)


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Stil 2611 eleganten Stickereien verziert mit Crystal Beading auf Netzgrößen verfügbar: 2-28.


Mori Lee 2611 Perlen passen und Flare Hochzeitskleid

Mori Lee 2611 Perlen passen und Flare Hochzeitskleid

Mori Lee 2611 Perlen passen und Flare Hochzeitskleid

Mori Lee 2611 Perlen passen und Flare Hochzeitskleid

Mori Lee 2611 Perlen passen und Flare Hochzeitskleid




So happy I ordered this dress after reading some bad reviews. I figured for the price I would try it anyway and I love it. The fabric is not nasty. Its so soft and stretchy. The dress hangs so nice and looks just as pictured. Has a nice flow. I am very happy and buying the other color they offer.



Great material but too small for me so I had to return it.


Five Stars

Love it!


Maxi dress

I am 5'9" and find it difficult to find clothes that fit. This is perfect.


Excellent quality

This dress is AMAZING. Seriously, I was expecting a thin material but the opaque parts are a thick scuba-like material that lends a beautiful flare to the skirt. The collar looks a teensy bit high on me but nothing bothersome. It's a little hard to find a bra that doesn't show. I wore a strapless blue bra for the photos and it shows underneath and above a little bit. It would be helpful if the transparent parts started a bit under the bust to leave more room for hiding a bra--Lucky you if you can go without a bra.Sizing: I ordered a large, it fits great with a little excess room, it's not skin-tight. I am 5'9, 130-ish, 36-28-37. I think I ordered the right size.I don't overly inflate products I don't love but this dress is excellent. I would buy it again.''Disclaimer: product provided free for detailed and honest review with photos.


Soft but short

This looks just like what is pictured! It's very soft and the colors are nice. It is pretty short though (literally like what is pictured). For reference, I'm only about 5 foot 3. I will agree with some of the other reviews that described it feeling slightly like bathing suit material, but I used it as a going out dress, not for anything fancy. I got a lot of compliments on it!


WOW! love it!

Surprisingly this dress fit me like a glove! The picture is accurate on the length of the dress(coming from someone who's 5'6") although the v-neck seemed more open, but it did not look like it showed to much. I like the material and feel of the dress. I feel like the dress ran true to size.


Super sexy dress!

I love this Dress!! Amazing!


Compliments from complete strangers

I went shoe shopping in this dress and the clerk at the store asked where I had gotten this dress because he'd never seen anything like it. I love love love this dress. The length is perfect for my taste, I am 5'9" and the bottom brushes the ground which is perfect for me. I have been searching for dresses like this for years and the price can't be beat.


Long but still pretty

It's super long probably for a super model. I'm 5'8" and got the smallest size because I'm slim and this thing with my heals that make me 6' it's still crazy long. But it's amazing for the price I'm just going to get it shortened


Follow the given size chart!

I know a lot of customers seem to have problems getting Allegra K stuff in the right size, but I just followed their provided sizing chart, and this dress fits very well! The cloth is some synthetic, so it is really warm, but that'll be nice on a cool night. I haven't worn it out yet, but I've been wearing it around my place for a while, and I love it!!!!


Five Stars

beautiful! Fits great!

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