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This slim, A-line gown has a soft Bateau shaped neckline in delicate lace. A Swarovski crystal band accents the natural waistline while rich taffeta creates the slim, A-line skirt. Available in sizes 2-32.


Allure Bridals M502 Modest Fit & Flare Dress

Allure Bridals M502 Modest Fit & Flare Dress



Love this

This dress is my new favorite!! It runs a little big, in my experience. I am 5'7" 129 and medium is just a little big. Its ok tho, because elastic back is fitted and you tie at the neck.


Five Stars

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS DRESS!! Very fast shipping, and the fabric is very soft!


Boyfriend loves it

I wasn't sure how it'd look on me, especially since I don't actually LIKE dresses. But my boyfriend says it's amazing.... So, that's all that I need to give it a good review.I did have difficulty keeping the top sash (it ties up there around your neck to keep the dress up) tied, but that's just my bow-making skills. (Rather, lack thereof.)Make sure you have a good strapless or...halter, is it?...type bra for this. Mine isn't too comfy and I paid for it.It's also a bit sheer and VERY easily blown around on a breezy day, so keep those things in mind or else there will be no secrets. :P


Super cute

I love this dress. I haven't gotten a chance to wear it out of the house yet because its been too windy, but I tried it on and didn't want to take it off. The colors are so bright and beautiful, and the fabric is light and silky. I am 5'5" 140lbs and C cup size, and this dress shows off my body and curves in a very flattering way, can't wait to wear it out!


Five Stars

dress fit perfectly, much longer than expected


All ladies steal the spotlight wearing this!

I received so much attention wearing this at a birthday party, more than the birthday person, so I had to hide in a corner so people could remember it was not my birthday being celebrated, lol. Make sure wear a strapless bra because in the photo, I sure did not xD Colors are so pretty and vibrant, it was no wonder I stood out so much!


It's pretty, but on the big size

Bought this a week ago, it arrived a day early. It's pretty, but on the big size. I bought a large and could easily have fit a med. I still love the dress, can't beat the price.


love it love it

i love it i got the shirt verson and loved it so when i saw it as a mini dress i got it to and love it can not wait tell bathin suit weather it is whighter then what the pic shows but easy way to make it ivory is to do a tea bath i did and i love the waqy it came out real easy 10 cups of water 2tea bags bring water to boil addn tea bags let itbstep get ride of bazgs let the tea cool for a hour or two i put them in real quick and pulled them out {but the best thing is to have a test subject to see how dark you want it} then rinse let dry and have fun wearing it and looking sexy and amazeing this summer

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