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If you want to change the color of belt, straps and three-dimensional flower of the dress, please leave us a massage when you place the order.

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Olive Kristine- Flower Girl Dress in Coral



Advice for Petite Women - Buy one size bigger and shrink dress i

I'm 5'1'' 127 lbs and I bought a large even though I wear a size 6 or 8 petite. Since it's 100% cotton, when I got it, I washed it and then put it in the dryer. When it came out, the dress had mostly shrunk in length - about 2 inches shorter, and shrunk about 3/4 inch in width (across the waist and bust). Now it fits like a medium and it's the perfect length for a petite woman. Before the dress hit at my mid-calf and now it hits at my knee. A more attractive length.So petite ladies, just buy one size bigger and shrink the dress in dryer to make the dress shorter. You can monitor how much it shrinks by checking on the dress during the drying time. It shrinks most when it's almost completely dry. The dress was in great condition and the dryer didn't damage the dress at all.



It is a little big for a medium but with a belt it will be nice. I love how light and even the material is. I am excited to wear it for easter too!


Five Stars

Beautiful dress! Love it


loved the dresses

loved the dresses. the colors were beautiful. feels cool & silky. loved the adjustable shoulder that could be wider for work wear or narrower for wearing all the other time. wish it was a little longer as the dress was a little short for my 5'6" height but still very wearable. Usually wear a size xl but had to order xxl to fit without being too tight.


I was still overly excited and happy with my purchase

Although it fit a little larger than expected, I was still overly excited and happy with my purchase!!


Five Stars

great i should have ordered a size smaller


Five Stars

Is cheap and really nice

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