#173 Style like (Allure Bridals 9000 dentelle Vintage robe de mariée)


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Non disponible en magasin pour essayer. Une robe extra-plat combinant dentelle et satin. Doux et romantique. Ce slim, muni de caractéristiques robe une dentelle délicate tout au long. Le décolleté profond dispose d'un manchon de l'épaule cap avec un dos en forme de v. Disponible dans les tailles 2-32.


Allure Bridals 9000 dentelle Vintage robe de mariée

Allure Bridals 9000 dentelle Vintage robe de mariée

Allure Bridals 9000 dentelle Vintage robe de mariée

Allure Bridals 9000 dentelle Vintage robe de mariée



Good quality

Amazing quality dress!! I am super impressed because it does fit true to size. I usually order a size up because I know Asian sizing is smaller, but this dress fits with American sizing. Also the length stops a couple inches above the knee, and it is not too short. I'm 5' 7" 160lbs and the Medium fit perfect for me.


Absolutely adorable

The fit is perfect. It is the exact style of one they sell on Modcloth, 1/3 of the price and better cut on the sleeves. Great dress.


Fit's her body just right, has slightly wider hip ...

Fit's her body just right, has slightly wider hip, but the dress flairs perfectly and you can barely tell. Seems to be a bit too short to have it high enough to keep it slightly unzipped, and when she tried it kept wanting to come unzipped.


Wonderful Dress !

Bought this for my sister and it is a GREAT DRESS !! She is 5'8" and it falls perfectly!!


I love this dress so much

I'm quite busty and wear a 16-18 dress size normally so I ordered a 3x to make sure all of my chest fits in the short bodice. I love this dress so much. The quality is great and it fits well. I am going to shorten a straps a little and there is a little bit of fabric bunching at the top that I am going to get tailored but it will be worth it when I host a vintage tea party for my sisters bridal shower and find any excuse to wear this dress afterwards. I also purchased a crinoline peticoat for extra volume in the skirt!



Super cute and arrived earlier than expected! Fit is great based on my measurements.


LOVE it but way too small

Way too small, it's made for Asian girls...so I could not get into it but LOVE IT!


she loved it. It fit perfect and the material felt ...

Bought this for a friend, she loved it. It fit perfect and the material felt great.


Happy customer! Yay! ٩(⁎❛ᴗ❛⁎)۶

Love my new coat!!! (I know its a dress, but it makes an awesome coat <3 )Arrived at about two weeks from placing order, totally waited on this item and now its mine!! (<̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ᴗ<̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ )I am 5'3" and weigh 150llbs, got a medium, totally worked for me! Looks just like the picture!!!(except at 150lbs xD)Material is nice, made me happy! No damages, no defects, no stains! ٩(⁎❛ᴗ❛⁎)۶BUT the only thing that did happen to my coat (I know its a dress!!) is smelllllllllllllllllllllllll!It smelled like the clothes you misplaced in your very dusty garage for a few months when you went to go get more clothes to put in the laundry machine! OR as if you rolled in dust and stuck it in a very cold place (>û> )But clothes are made to be washed SO, I am actually going to wash it right now on handwash cycle with warm/cold water, then stick in the dryer on low tumble! ( Ո‿Ո)


Very Nice Summer Dress

This dress took exactly 20 days to get from China to NC, which I don't think is too terrible. It was delivered two days ahead of the projected delivery window. I do wish the tracking information had been updated along the way more often than it was. It seemed to just sit a lot along the way, both in the seller's hands and the chinese shipping warehouses. But on to the actual dress...for reference, I am exactly 5' tall, 15 weeks pregnant, and weigh 181lbs. I normally wear a size 12 jeans from almost anywhere and L or XL tops. I ordered this in an XL. Lengthwise the dress just skims the top of my feet, which is exactly what I wanted. I am a 38 full B/small C in bras and this is quite tight in the chest area. I don't exactly consider myself well endowed, so this might be an issue for women with larger cup sizes. The outer striped/colorblock portion of the skirt is totally see-through. There is a knee-length slip under the outer skirt that is very thin and lightweight but it is not see-through. I see no reason why you would have to wear anything else under this dress (other than maybe a strapless bra of course) as other reviewers have mentioned. This is not the best quality craftsmanship/fabric garment I've ever owned, but it appears to be decently made and well worth the price. It's very cute, lightweight, and exactly what I was looking for to wear to an outdoor dinner show we're going to in a few weeks.

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