#45 Style like (Allure Couture C263 pizzo abito da sposa)


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Se si desidera cambiare il colore della cintura, cinghie e tridimensionale del fiore del vestito, si prega di lasciare un massaggio quando si effettua l'ordine.

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Questo senza spalline, abito linea sottile viene creato da un morbido pizzo all over. La vera bellezza è appliques pizzo supplementari che turbinano in diagonale per tutto l'intero disegno creando una silhouette lusinghiera. Disponibile nelle taglie 2-32.


Allure Couture C263 pizzo abito da sposa

Allure Couture C263 pizzo abito da sposa

Allure Couture C263 pizzo abito da sposa

Allure Couture C263 pizzo abito da sposa



Five Stars

I would order again


Five Stars

unbelievable dress for the price. bought 3 different colors


Good business

Size was a little bigger than anticipated. Delivery was quick.


Love this simple dress. Received so many compliments.

The feel of this dress is great. It is so soft and stretchy. The skirt is flared and swingy. It is a bit thin, but for the price it is a great dress. I am seriously considering getting it in another color. I do that with shoes and pants, but not with dresses, usually. Even my teen daughter likes it and when I offered to get her one, she said "yes!"It comes right to or slightly above the knee. The hem could be prettier, but the thin stretchy fabric makes that hard. So you do see the stitches. But I don't think most people notice the bottom because the top is so pretty. The photo doesn't really show the dramatic draping of the shoulders leading to the waist. So pretty. You will want to wear a cami and slip or full slip for modesty.


Five Stars

This dress is stunning!!!!



Beautiful dress. Long! You'll either fit well at 6', be OK with it dragging a bit, or hem it up a little. Otherwise, a beautiful dress that hugs a curvy (who am I kidding? A phat fox!) womans body quite nicely.I really like how I can pull the shoulders in to be tank like straps OR, let them out for more of a sleeveless look. Fabric is CLASSIC flowy, stretchy knit but not the flimsy, lightweight, sticks-to-every-lump or bump on the body kind. Heavier and thicker without being too muchYhis really is a nice dress and for this price-its an absolute steal!!I wish they made it in all the colors in my size!!



This is the most wonderful yet simple piece of lingerie I have ever owned. I strongly feel that any woman, big or small, would look amazing in this. Covers trouble zones like a dream yet still leaves plenty for your man to admire. My boy friend absolutely adores me in this. It's comfortable, stretchy, soft yet durable. I highly recommend this product to any woman who wants to get that extra spiciness in the bedroom and to any man that wants to see his girl looking super sexy for him. This is a must have!!

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